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Welcome on Artoni & Fadani

Artoni e Fadani S.r.l.  is situated in Gussola (CR) on the area of 35.000 mq, from which 8.000 mq is occupied, with about 20 workers who help the companions, and with the members of respective families in the activity.

Our Company was born in 1962 like sawmill, with the initiative of the Sigg. Artoni Eugenio and Fadani Cesare which have pointed suddenly, with strong motivations and engagement, to the sector of the package. In the first moments the activity was connected with the the production of wooden boxes for fruit and vegetable local market. After 5 years two families Artoni and Fadani have decided to give a significant turning to their life, devoting itself with all the energies to the project of managing to produce the  PLYWOOD OF POPLAR TREE....

When the ground was purchased, the shed rises and the first machinery was set in motion. In 1972 the firm assumes the denomination of " Artoni and Fadani S.n.c of Artoni Eugenio and C. " with consolidated operative structure, that certainly renumerated the efforts and the profuse energies of two founders and the respective families. On 1 January 2017 the company changes its name to Artoni e Fadani S.r.l.

The main points of this Company have been always, without doubt, the specialisation and the service with punctuality and courtesy; we can say theyve anticipated the canons of today's marketing.

The qualities which furthered to satisfy the clients, advising oftenthemanufacturing of necessary samples, were the profound knowledge of raw material ( those poplar trees that so much liven up our flood-lands of the Po) and the constant readiness to discussion.

These two prerogatives, having always been the basis of the working life of 2 founders, have been transmitted in natural and spontaneous way in the second and in the third generation; at present the holders are to lead an enterprise at familiar level that have a role of "Boutique" inside the market of the thin plywood to ennoble.


The Company produces plywood of poplar tree and of exotic essences. The plywood of poplar tree is particularly asked because of great flexibility, lightness, and their natural clear color that makes them fundamental in many uses.

We produce standard formats, at request it is disposable to produce particular measures that are distinguished from the standards, comparing us with the demands of the clientele. The thickness varies from 3 to 15 mm.


the external faces and the internal layers are constituted by veneer of poplar tree. The external faces can have the ready fibres from the wood be in the direction of the greatest dimension of the panel (longitudinal panel) be in smaller that one (transverse panel). In each case indicated dimensions depend on the direction of the fibres.


The veneer of poplar tree are stuck in sense crossed with resin based on urea (UF) or of urea - melamminica (MUF). The foreseen gluing is that standard, named IF20, and that more resisting the dampness classified how IW67 and A100.


The classification of the plywood of poplar treerefers to the aspect of the external faces. The principal classes are  A, B, BB, C.  Each face from the plywood of poplar tree is classified separately, for which can be for example the classes A/B, A/BB, B/BB, B/C, C/C, etcetera.

Row materials

The poplar tree has a high trunk, cultivated in the zones rich of water, has a natural cycle of life of 10 years and to the moment of the cut it is easy for replacement. Artoni e Fadani S.r.l has decided to focus their choice on trunks of poplar tree coming from the national territory of which they havea better knowledge looked above all at the intrinsic qualities of the ground.


With easy workability, the plywood of poplar tree is characterised for:

  • lightness
  • elevated estate of the elements of fixing (thanks to his structure to crossed layers)
  • good estate to the extrapolation of screws and nails
  • elevated dimensional stability


These characteristics made the product particularly fit for following sectors:

  • furnishing
  • games and sport
  • hobbies
  • vehicles of transport (especially for the report weight / robustness)
  • packing
  • building


  • By company

    In 2007 we have integrated our activity with an automatic loader for the fronts which improves noticeably the cost of manpower regarding the composition of the multistage press.  Then we have started the works for the construction of a new shed at the side of pre-existent with the dimensions of 30 x 80 metres which will allow us to make the phases of load/ unload goods in the covered place and to explore better the logistic of the warehouse of first matters and finished products. This shed will be finished and completed in the first months of 2008.